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  • The front and backyard look spectacular! These guys are quite creative in utilising every bit of available space. The job was done at the agreed price and on time. Thanks! - Matthew Q.

    Backyard has been redesigned and looks superb. Very pleased with the results. - Shawn E.

    Staff answered tons of my questions and provided a great service. - Adam G.

    Installed low voltage lighting, new irrigation system and rear-yard pavers. Great job at a reasonable price! - Arthur S.

    Added a small travertine area, rocks, sprinkler system and plants in our backyard. Though expensive, the money was well spent. - Donna A.

    Very impressed with the 15 days of work your team did for us on our patio. A special thank you to all! - Martha H.

  • For decades, Tampa Landscaping has been providing the finest in services ranging from regular maintenance to installation and design for commercial as well as residential property owners in Florida. Our normal office hours are 8:00 am until 7:00 pm on Monday to Friday. We also welcome your calls after normal business hours, weekends or holidays. In case you reach the Voicemail, please leave a message and one of our staff will give you a call back.


    Our company has years of experience apart from highly trained personnel, top of the line equipment and background to surpass your expectations. Our team of highly skilled designers provide detailed schematics to the clients while discussing and consulting design ideas after thoroughly evaluating the entire property.

    Landscape Design and Installation

    Our specialists are also proficient at installing water features like waterfalls, ponds and fountains for outdoor spaces and gardens as well as irrigation systems. Water features create a serene relaxing environment, reduces intrusive noise and add a pleasing auditory and visual effect for your family. We take all the necessary measures and spare no stone unturned to enhance the beauty of your property.

    Our Experience

    We have a simple business model: "Pay Attention to the Clients' Needs". We are well are of the long-term impact of our clients' investment and pay close attention to their short and long term vision as well as their individual personalities. Our past clients include large condos, office complexes, industrial parks, large homeowner associations, strip malls and retail centres from the initial consultation to the final installation of hardscape material and plants. We have provided custom installations and designs for countless satisfied customers.

    Our company has qualified and trained professionals in the principles of horticulture and garden design. Our experts keep in mind the natural environment while creating a fully integrated design having fundamental concepts such as texture, colour, balance etc. in place. Our company has earned an excellent reputation by providing best quality products, state of the art equipment and professionally trained staff who are always polite and courteous. We offer a wide range of landscape related services as listed below:

    • Design and installation
    • Stones, soil, dirt and mulch - sod installation
    • Pest control and fertilization
    • Irrigation repair and water installations
    • Yard waste processing and pressure cleaning
    • Turf consultation
    • Drainage
    • Hauling, delivery and much more

    Our team has the requisite expertise to turn your dream into a reality whether you are looking for a tropical oasis or a private escape. We work with a range of budgets and are proficient at creating the perfect look for every of our clients which makes their properties stand out. The primary goal of our friendly and experienced staff is to turn your property into a beautiful piece of art which would make the people from your community sit up and make remarks such as 'I want a yard exactly like yours!'. In short, we offer responsive service, expert advice and dependable partnerships.

    Expected Expenses

    Before deciding on which landscaping business to opt for, 2 key aspects should be kept into consideration which have been listed below:

    Budget: How much funds have you allocated for this activity? Note that you must pay upfront for most of the projects (especially by reputed firms). In some cases, businesses may allow you to pay 50% upfront and 50% at the completion of the project. You are not allowed to make monthly payments for these projects.

    Hiring a designer may cost you upwards of $4000 and custom installations can be expensive. It also matters as to how large is your area and what services are you seeking specifically (for example, installing a water fountain at your backyard, repairing a sprinkler system, tree trimming or even mere maintenance). As per 2017 estimates, a homeowner in USA looking for such services spends around $1300-$4000 on average.

    Business’s reputation: Before asking for a free quote, it would be wise to check out the authenticity of the customer testimonials of the business. Ask for the contact details of past clients by calling the business and have an informal talk with the clients on whether their expectations were met satisfactorily. You should prefer businesses which are situated in your local area as it would help to keep the costs low. Try to gauge the presence of the business in social media and check whether their website looks professional or not. If the website looks unprofessional and sketchy, there is a high likelihood that services provided by that firm may not be of the expect quality.

    Services provided by Most Landscaping Businesses

    Expected Costs (US$)
    Maintaining a Sprinkler System 125
    Aerate lawncare 150
    Snow removal 170
    Lawn maintanence 250
    Repairing the Sprinkler system 230
    Removing leaves 300
    Maintaining trees and shrubs 420
    Tree trimming and shrub removal 600
    Seeding a lawn 700
    Delivering soil, mulch or rocks 650 
    Repairing an outdoor misting system 740 
    Engineering the soil 1,100 
    Installing landscape curbing 1,200 
     Re-sloping the lawn 1,600 
    Installing the sod  1,700 
    Repairing a greenhouse  2,100 
    Installing a water fountain  2,300 
    Installing a sprinkler system  2,300 
     Installing an outdoor misting system 2,600 
    Installing a pond 3,000 
    Landscape installation 3,000 
    Hiring a designer 3,600-4,000 
    Repairing a shed, barn or a playhouse 4,000 
    Installing a turf 4,300 
     Building an outdoor kitchen 14,000 


  • As housing prices has been rising across the US, more and more residence as well as commercial owners are looking to increase the market value of their properties. Landscaping is a very effective way of doing the same as it provides long term value. If you have a hard time believing the same, check out the premium house listings in places such as Chicago and Miami South Beach. The priciest residences are surrounded by extraordinary beautiful surroundings and that is a major reason that they cost upwards of 100,000 dollars.

    Landscape Detailing:

    This refers to a process whereby soft  and hard landscape materials are integrated and inscribed into the design. This is a vast process which may require the expertise of engineers and planners. The entire process could be summarized as follows:

    • Function: This part is concerned with the functional and technical aspects as seen mostly in watery landscapes such as a fountain or waterfalls.
    • Structure: refers to the physical structures and resources that help to achieve the functions.
    • Appearance: This last part is concerned with the aesthetic value of the landscape and its design.

    Paying attention to detailing may result in a significantly big investment.

    Materials and Structures:

    Another cost consuming factor is the quantity, quality and type of materials used. People have a tradition of using rare types of wood, costly stones or even rare decorative shrubs. Some others go for branded materials as well. Also, a bigger architecture would result in more quantity of materials.

    Before jumping the guns, the first and foremost question one would encounter would be whether the materials to be used should be natural or its synthetic artificial alternatives. This is a major decision as it could potentially reverse your cost budget and also affect the aesthetic beauty as well.

    The selection of materials mostly depends on the purpose and place. One should choose it with utmost prudence for durability and quality.

    Architect Services:

    In the modern times, this arena has emerged into an industry wide business where more and more ideas and innovations are tested scientifically each day.

    Though many landscapes are DIY chores, expert professionals in such architecture and engineering are invaluable. These professional services may not be cheap but are well worth.

  • Choosing a design may be a creative and practical decision while choosing the right budget with financial prudence might be a little tricky. It often goes by the saying," you get what you pay for".

    Landscaping may burn a hole in your pocket but it is, in fact, a crucial investment if you seek to sell off your property in the long run. It is very easy to find buyers online for residences with attractive landscapes and that means you do not have to part with a hefty amount of money with the broker.

    Get in Touch:

    We can provide suitable assistance if you are looking for a qualified landscaper near you in Tampa (FL) for designing a complete project, tree trimming or regular lawn care. Please get in touch with us today by calling us. We have a team of committed employees who strive to meet the expectations of our customers. Tampa landscaping looks forward to building a great relationship with you.